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Pangborn Design Collection

Dominic Pangborn has the artist capability, but thinks like a business person and it is the duality of these two characteristics that has helped his business to grow and flourish. Described as an "Evolutionist", he believes that art should reflect a current mood, expression, and point in time. At the age of 25, Pangborn opened his Design Studio in Detroit Michigan, which continues to create unique designs for a variety of companies. It was after presenting his ties to a number of clients and receiving positive feedback that he decided to focus on creating a full collection.

Pangborn Design started with a vision presented by Dominic Pangborn. He envisioned a world where ties were no longer boring accessories that men integrated half-heartedly into their wardrobes, but instead were a statement piece and a staple of their wardrobes. Upon its inception, Pangborn became an overnight success as the label was carried through upscale retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. However, he didn't limit himself to ties. Dominic created a series of scarves as well as bow ties and pocket squares. Not for the wallflower, his ties, like his designs, combine bold patterns and beautiful colors that are aesthetically pleasing and serve as statement pieces that make you stand out. His creations have become an American lifestyle.

With the growth of his tie business, Dominic took to debuting his store, Pangborn Design Collection, at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in February 2002. By opening the store, it was looked at as an opportunity to showcase great design, but we wanted to showcase more than Dominic's designs. It was important to incorporate others as well - local artists, high end, limited edition, and more. At Pangborn Design Collection, the core of the store is design and we pride ourselves on appealing to the distinctive individual. We carry the tradition of the store on through our website.

In September 2014, we opened the PANGBORN shop at 335 South Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. This move allowed us to expand our vision and accessibility to a broader audience.