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Fashion design meets bipolar disorder research in wearable human stem cell images.

One of the flagship studies at the Heinz C Prechter Bipolar Research Fund is the groundbreaking stem cell research for bipolar disorder.
This study is using stem cells derived from simple human skin cells. Researchers take skin cell samples from adults both with and without
bipolar disorder, turn them back to their embryonic state, and ultimately grow them into nerve cell that look and behave like brain cells.

Researchers monitor the cells daily and have learned that cells taken from bipolar patients fire more intensively and in a way that is
significantly different than the cells from an individual who doesn't have bipolar disorder. By understanding the causes of the illness, they'll be
able to develop new treatments for bipolar disorder and most importantly, they'll be able to prevent destructive mood episodes. The
Prechter Fund's ultimate goal is to allow people with bipolar disorder to live happy, normal lives.

Dominic Pangborn is making a statement abouth research on mental health. He has designed a new scarf and tie based on images generated
by Prechter scientists. "I decided to add butterflies to the design because they signify metamorphosis. Our society is finally at a point where
mental illness is openly talked about and research is taking a turn for the better," he says.

By purchasing from this limited edition product line, you are helping science move forward.

All net proceeds will go directly to Precher bipolar research projects at the University of Michigan Depression Center.