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Michael Aram is an award-winning and internationally renowned designer who has lived and worked in India since 1989. Trained as a painter, sculptor, and art historian, Aram has neatly applied his diverse background to the decorative arts. Lyrical and often witty, his work encompasses a wide range of media reveals a rich and variant source of inspiration - nature, mythology, narrative storytelling, and purified form. Aram's work is also a celebration of craft and age-old handworking traditions. It is the enduring fusion of these ideals - originality, storyline, and craftsmanship - that has become the hallmark of this gifted artist.
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Black Orchid Mini Frame White Orchid Wine Stopper White Orchid Mini Frame
Mini Frame Wine Stopper Mini Frame
Black Orchid Wine Stopper Butterfly Ginko Wine Stopper White Orchid Cocktail Napkin Holder
Wine Stopper Wine Stopper Cocktail Napkin Holder
Black Orchid Cocktail Napkin Holder White Orchid Ring Catch Black Orchid Ring Catch
Cocktail Napkin Holder Ring Catch Ring Catch
White Orchid Trivet Black Orchid Trivet Butterfly Ginko Trivet
Trivet Trivet Trivet
White Orchid Wine Coaster Black Orchid Wine Coaster Butterfly Gingko Wine Coaster
Wine Coaster Wine Coaster Wine Coaster
White Orchid Convertible Easel Frame Black Orchid Convertible Easel Frame Butterfly Ginko Easel Frame
Convertible Easel Frame Convertible Easel Frame Convertible Easel Frame